Get Paid The Most Per Click

Affiliate marketing is all about earning the most per click from sponsors who treat your traffic well and keep your bookmarkers coming back for more. We understand that when you earn more money, you want to send more traffic - so we work tirelessly to help you get the maximum amount of money for each click you send to Manica Money sites and look forward to a long mutually beneficial business relationship.


Lifetime Rev-share

Get up to 70% lifetime rev-share from every join you send and build a recurring monthly income that earns more long term than any other option.



Pay Per Signup

Contact us for more information about the pay per signup program requirements. Qualified traffic partners earn 25 Euros for every signup you send, even to trial offers. It's the fastest way to earn a positive return on your investment.



Webmaster Referral

Tell a friend about Manica Money and make sure they let us know you sent them when they signup. You'll earn an extra 10% of whatever they earn as a thank you for spreading the word about our affiliate program.


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